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Cervical spondylitis

Cervical spondylitis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis, is a common condition that affects the joints and discs in the neck.

The main causes of cervical spondylitis include:

1. Age-related wear and tear

2. Degeneration of the spinal discs

3. Herniated discs

4. Bone spurs

5. Ligament stiffness

6. Muscle strain

7. Poor posture

8. Injury or trauma

9. Genetic factors

10. Smoking

Here's a list of symptoms of cervical spondylitis in Marathi and English:

1. माने दुखणे - Neck pain

2. मणका दुखणे - Shoulder pain

3. हाताचा बधिरपणा- Numbness in hands

4. हाताची कमजोरी - Weakness in hands

5. खांद्यात दुखणे - Pain in scapula (shoulder blade)

6. मानेची जखडण- Stiffness in neck

7. हातात मुंग्या- Tingling sensation in hands

8. मानेमध्ये कुरकुरआवाज- Cracking sound in neck

9. वारंवार डोके दुखणे - Headache

10. चक्कर येणे/तोल जाणे - giddiness

With proper guidance from doctor and curated treatments, cervical spondylitis can be treated without going into surgery.

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